Buy Gwinnett Arena, Arena at Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA Tickets Secure your Tickets for shows at the Arena in Gwinnett Center (Gwinnett Arena) near Atlanta (Duluth), Georgia now! With over 13,000 seats for concerts and 11,000 for sports (11,500 for hockey, and 12,750 for basketball), the Arena at Gwinnett Center (also known as Gwinnett Arena) is the largest in the suburbs of Atlanta, but is still small by comaparison to the size and setup of Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta. However, all seats in the arena have an unobstructed view of the stage, with the farthest seat only 270 feet away which makes for a great viewing experience of shows at the Arena at Gwinnett Center. This venue has private and rental luxury suites and club seats, but a somewhat limited number of food options.

Part of the Gwinnett County Cultural Center in Duluth, GA, the Arena at Gwinnett Center used to be home to the Arena Football team, the Georgia Force, and still currently to the Gwinnett Gladiators of the East Coast Hockey League . Along with sports teams, the Arena is attracting world-class acts in the talent industry. In 2005 The Arena at Gwinnett Center headlined the likes of George Strait, Bruce Springstein, and Depeche Mode. The 2006 schedule year will ticket such acts as Queen with Paul Rodgers, Nickelback, Gretchen Wilson, and Martina Mcbride along with plenty more talent to be announced later in the season. The Arena at Gwinnett Center is a great place to see a show in a smaller setting compared to the huge arenas, but still getting a great world-class ticket event. Don't wait, secure your tickets for your favorite ticket events at the Arena at Gwinnett center!

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General Rules
For your safety and protection, management reserves the right to enforce the following restrictions:

*Smoking is not permitted inside the building per Gwinnett County Clean Indoor Air Ordinance Section 42-121 et seq.
*Management reserves the right to refuse admittance (with refund of admission price) to ticket holders who refuse to allow inspection of their persons, and any purse, bags, or package carried with them when entering the facility.
*No food, drinks, cans, bottles, coolers, containers, illegal drugs, or laser pointers of any kind allowed.
*The resale of tickets is not permitted on property.
*Weapons of any kind are not permitted including possession of explosives, handguns, or knives per the Code of Georgia Annotated Section 16-11-127.
*You will be asked to show proof of age when buying alcohol.
*Shirts and shoes are required at all times.
*No loitering, trespassing, soliciting or peddling.
*Cameras and recording equipment may not be permitted during certain events.
*Video taping in progress: Your presence acknowledges your permission to use your pictures on television or elsewhere. You hereby waive all residual rights or claims, monetary or otherwise that may arise because of any individual use of the above-described material at any future date.
*Violators of the rules of any State or County laws will be refused admission or asked to leave.

Depending upon the nature of an event, or when considered necessary by Building Management and/or Lessee, a visual or full search will be conducted by building security. All guests and/or show personnel may be subject to search prior to entering the building. Guests or employees who are not willing to comply with search procedures prior to entering the facilities may return their tickets immediately to the Box Office for a refund.

Visual Search
A visual search consists of the following: the guest being asked to open any coats, bags or containers of any type. Security will visually scan all guests as they enter the facilities for contraband noted below. The guest will be asked to dispose the item(s) prior to entering the facilities. Guest may be detained if item(s) discovered is of an illegal nature.

Full Search
A full search consists of the following: the guest being asked to open any coat, bag or container and also being physically patted down or screened with a metal detector. If contraband is detected, the guest will be asked to dispose of such item(s) prior to entering the building. Guest may be detained if the item(s) discovered is of an illegal nature.

Purses, diaper bags and other small personal bags are allowed, but will be inspected at all entrances. Guests with prohibited items will be turned away at entrances. No storage or "check in" area will be provided for such items.

Items confiscated at entry will not be returned.

Prohibited Items:
Large bags (larger than 8" x 11"), backpacks or boxes
Food or beverage (with the exception of those having a food allergy)
Cans, bottles, coolers or other similar containers
Video cameras or audio recorders
Laser pens or laser products
Noise making devices (horns, whistles, etc.)
Projectiles (including frisbees and beach balls)
Oversized signs (larger than 2' x 3')
Stickers of any kind
Skateboards, skates (roller or in-line), or scooters
Sticks or poles
Knives, guns, chains or clubs
Illegal substances
Fireworks or any other incendiary device
Weapons of any kind or any item that can be constructed as a weapon
Any other item deemed unacceptable by Gwinnett Center Management.

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